MyCast is a web-based Digital Signage platform developed by Metavision.

Through its intuitive interfaces, MyCast allows you to manage, with a few clicks and from anywhere, all types of media (images, videos, web pages, templates, RSS feeds, weather, etc.) on a network of screens.


  • Medias
    Media management using a tree. Creating files/sub-files and allocating rights. Easier media research. Detailed signage sheet. Easy addition of media by drag and drop or with a button to select media to add. Media download.
  • Playslists
    Intuitive creation of media drag and drop sequences in a timeline. Adjusting media duration with a simple mouse gesture. Manual adjustment of the duration of a media in a sequence in hours, minutes, seconds. Preview of the sequence. Random media broadcast. Media validity dates within a sequence. Managing transitions between the media. Management of access rights on sequences.
  • Schedule
    Typical week planning or advanced planning by date. Drag and drop of playlists or media in an ergonomic calendar. A calendar can be defined for each screen. Possibility to broadcast the same schedule on a group of screens. Preview of the schedules. Adjustment of the display duration of the sequences/media by a simple mouse gesture. Detailed manual adjustment of the display duration according to several variables. Information on the number of broadcasts.
  • Control center
    Visual and intuitive interface featuring thumbnails of all screens sorted by group. Display of the operating status of screens with color codes. Search zone allowing you to view a specific screen quickly. Individual or grouped actions such as restarting or turning off one or more screens.
  • Templates
    Templates created in accordance with the visual Identity of our customers to meet specific communication needs. Templates can be used on touch screens. Retrieval of existing data for automated display. Integration with conference room reservation software. Integration with ticketing systems. Connection to the intranet.
  • Side Banner
    Display of continuous information (weather, date, time, slideshow, etc.) in a reserved area on the left of the screens.
  • Bottom Banner
    Display and simplified planning of news, last minute messages or RSS feeds in a banner at the bottom of the screens.
  • Users
    Advanced management of user access on the different features, media, playlists and screens. Assign rights by inheriting the rights of another user.
  • Conference room management
    Centralized management of conference rooms to automatically display information on dedicated screens.
  • Event management
    Centralized management of events and sessions to automatically display information for visitors and participants on dedicated screens, as well as on a mobile application. Read more…

    Supported formats

    MyCast allows to broadcast a multitude of multimedia content (videos, images, web pages, vectors, data streams, etc.) on your screens.
    Below is a detailed list of the video and image formats supported by our different Players.

    Metavision recommends the use of standardized formats that are compatible* with HTML5, however MyCast and its various player platforms offer extensive support for many multimedia formats.

    If you want to convert your videos, click here

    Abbreviation Format Extension
    JPEG* Joint Photographic Expert Group image .jpg, .jpeg
    PNG* Portable Network Graphics .png
    GIF* Graphics Interchange Format .gif
    SVG* Scalable Vector Graphics .svg

    Abbreviation Codec Extension
    MPEG4* H.264 .mp4, .mov, .m4v
    WebM* HVP8 .webm
    MPEG2 MPEG2 .mpeg, .vob
    WMV WMV1, WMV2 .wmv
    MKV H.264 .mkv
    and many more… (See details for Tizen)
    Type More information
    HTML HyperText Markup Language (JS and CSS compatibility according to screen types)
    PowerPoint Via a transformation into images or video
    Raw data XML, JSON, API, via templates
    Anything else? Ask us


    MyCast is a web platform. A browser is all you need to access it and manage the distribution of your content on your screens.

    Player platforms

    MyCast is compatible with several player platforms to meet the constraints of all types of projects:

    Samsung - Tizen (SSSP)

    Tizen is the name of an open source operating system developed by Samsung, Linux and Intel and integrated into all the displays of the professional range dedicated to Digital Signage.

    LG - WebOS

    WebOS is an operating system integrated by the LG brand to all the displays of the professional range dedicated to the Digital Signage.

    Raspberry Pi OS

    Raspbian is a free Debian-based operating system optimized to run on the various Raspberry Pi (The Raspberry Pi is a single-board ARM-based nanocomputer about the size of a credit card).

    Windows 10

    Well-known operating system from Microsoft allowing (among other things) to run MyCast on external PCs.


    MyCast also adapts to your favorite Linux distribution.